Dance Minor Concert 2019
9th Annual Dance Minor Concert

Professor Julie Petry, Artistic Director

Choreographers: students Sera Doughton, Angela Peiffer, Nicole Gagliardi, Briana Gist, Eliza Treese, Emel Rasim, and Professor Julie Petry.

Performances Sunday, April 28 at 3:00pm and Monday, April 29, 2019 at 7:30pm

K.S. Gross Auditorium in Carver Hall

This year, the Concert covers a vast array of exciting dance styles. It features seven pieces, each exploring a unique perspective and theme. The content explored through varied dance styles includes: Miscarriage, Mental Health: Depression/Anxiety, Abusive Relationships, Standing Proudly in your Self-Essence, Suicide, Degenerative Illness and Aging, and Consumption/Environmental Concerns. This year's concert raises some challenging questions; we invite you to engage in a Talk-Back with the Artists immediately following the Sunday matinee performance, as part of the Center for the Visual and Performing Arts Faculty Lecture Series.

The concert title, The Light in the Dark, reflects the perspective of the choreographers that we all create hope when we bring attention and voice to difficult matters. This concert promises to deliver powerful imagery and unforgettable moments connecting energy, music, expression, and visual meaning.
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