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This person's day really sucked

I can relate. Mine sucked yesterday too. I was out photographing, stopped for a drink at a store, and I lost my VISA check card. It acts like a credit card but the money comes straight out of our checking account so it's like spending cash without paying interest. I had it in the pocket of my jeans and it popped out. If someone else got it they could really rip us off. So I frantically looked everywhere in the car. Went back to the store to see if they found it or anyone turned it in. No luck. Finally had to call to get the card canceled so no one else could use it. 5 minutes later I found the card stuck in my shirt. Too late. Now I have to wait for a replacement. What a PITR. It was so cloudy almost all my shots are too soft. And it was so hot! I came home early with half the day left and was so exhausted and bummed out I slept through the afternoon, evening, and all night until 5:30am. But that means I forgot to take my medications last night so now I'm going to feel like #$@% for a couple days. Also a PITR.


Hope you have a better day!

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Taken on April 20, 2011