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A little Valentines Day baby surprise!!! :) (Series)

A little Valentines Day baby surprise!!! :)

Anahuac, SE Texas


I got to see a newborn baby cow take its first step and nurse its mamma! I was driving to one of the wildlife reserves and saw a tiny calf in a pasture along the highway so I did a quick U turn and grabbed the camera. I must have driven by right after the birth because the mamma and calf were just laying there resting and the calf was still all wet. It was pretty close to the barbed wire fence and I just had to jump a little muddy ditch. I stood and photographed for around half an hour or so. The herd wasn't real happy I approached the pair so some of them came pretty close to check me out. It made me nervous but after a while they calmed down and backed away. I was also kind of scared some Farmer would come out and chase me off but no one was around. I'm such a city girl... this was a real miracle for me! I find it so fascinating how within two steps the calf knows to seek out a nipple and begin nursing. I know it's instinct... but in the world do they know to do that??? It's so incredible! I took a million photos but I'll spare you all the eating of the afterbirth. Gross! I mean I know why they do that... to get rid of the evidence so it doesn't attract the attention of predators... but still... it was really disgusting. A few hours later when I left the wildlife reserve I drove back by to check on them and they were napping peacefully in the same place. How exciting! And on Valentines Day too! :) :) :) Oh, and I think it's a little boy.

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Taken on February 14, 2011