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Can't believe it's been over a month since I posted. I've missed a ton but I'm excited to start catching up with you all.
Been having a hard time finding the inspiration to take pictures lately or to actually sit down and work on an image.
My beautiful friend Anna messaged me the other day and said just what I needed to hear to work on some images this past week and post today. Thank you Anna you are such an inspiration to me, so happy to call you a friend. XO

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. :)


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  1. Claire A1980 33 months ago

    Nice to see you, Annette! You've been missed :)

  2. ~tammy.j~ 33 months ago

    Nice to see you again Annette! Love that golden light!

  3. Thuyhn 33 months ago

    Wonderful you're finding yourself again, Annette. Beautiful golden light and tones.

  4. photos=happiness - I am back!! 33 months ago

    great to see you back Annette! I have missed you! take care my friend! beautiful capture!! love it!

  5. angiel 33 months ago

    Lovely to see you back Annette ... looking gorgeous as always, mud facial and all :)

  6. ~nut*meg~ 33 months ago

    love the light here!!

  7. Franquito Foto [deleted] 33 months ago

    So raw; I dig it!

  8. Kirstin Mckee 33 months ago

    lovely to see you here again, dear Annette. your images are always such a treat!

  9. ~Kellie 33 months ago

    The emotion in this is so beautiful. You are lovely. <3

  10. Libertad Leal 33 months ago

    I know what you mean! I've been feeling very uninspired lately. This is wonderful! Youa re so beautiful!

  11. heisajo 33 months ago

    Welcome back! Sometimes it is good to take a break and not think about photography, the inspiration will come when we don't try to force it! Beautiful selfie, the light is gorgeous!

  12. nina's clicks 33 months ago

    So nice to see you back Annette! And with such a beautiful and creative selfie

  13. JoGo... 33 months ago

    So glad you've found your inspiration to get back into your photography, it's so hard sometimes, and the longer you leave it the harder it gets!
    Gorgeous comeback! Love those glowing colours...but um...did you know you've got a little speck of something on your face... ;)

  14. Loca Luna / Anna Gay 33 months ago

    See, you are loved by ALL!

  15. shadowracer26 33 months ago

    I've found that posting just to be posting really takes the fun out of things. its better to be driven by our creativity and passion for the art so that we enjoy what we're doing. that in itself shines through in our work. There shouldn't be any pressure to produce! You're constantly showing us you are a very talented artist....that's why we keep coming back...even if its been 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months between posts!

    This shot is no exception. It is another fine shot! Keep moving in the direction that your heart leads you and you will be fine!

  16. zentrinity 33 months ago

    fabulous annette... this is beautifully emotional

  17. heathernicole2 33 months ago

    I have been feeling the same way. But you are definitely an inspiration to me. Your work is amazing. This is gorgeous and so full of emotion.

  18. espressoDOM 33 months ago

    damsel in distress..... i like how it feels rough and almost unfinished due to the dust or dirt

  19. *tracie west* 33 months ago

    You art pulls the people in! I love how you are admired by so many, and well deserved too. I love how you are not afraid to get dirty in the name of art. perfect.

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