I'm wrapped up about Dexter!

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{BAM 12 of 52} So I don't know who actually watches the show but I'm a HUGE fan! I've never been into reality t.v. or really kept up with any show's but this one. There's only 1 edisode left and I'm going to have to wait until next year in September for episode 6! They have me on the edge of my seat!!
If you want to know more about the show click here!

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  1. iluv2bauntie 77 months ago | reply

    ...your scaring me!

  2. Suzanne Pyle Photography 77 months ago | reply

    I can not even tell you how much I LOVE Dexter!!!!!!!!!!! It is my favorite show!!!!
    Love this image! Awesome!

  3. Fazer44 77 months ago | reply

    Very creative.

  4. [~db~] Photography 77 months ago | reply

    MC Hall was on Fallon last night. The only clue he had for the finale was, "...someone dies." He also sang a Dexter version of Santa Claus is Comin' to Town.

  5. .:AnnetteB:. 77 months ago | reply

    Left-Handed Color Blind Photographer SHUUUT UP! I hope not ... and it can't be Lumen either... the anticipation is KILLLING ME

  6. [~db~] Photography 77 months ago | reply

    Yupper. I guess MC Hall used to do song and dance before Six Feet Under. Who knew. Has a pretty decent voice and the guy is just too cool. Not at all your typical hollywood douch bag. Just an ordinary guy.


    I'll be pretty ticked if it's Luhman.

  7. .:AnnetteB:. 77 months ago | reply

    Left-Handed Color Blind Photographer Dude I know he's actually married to his sister in the show in real life but I'm sure you knew that... they seem so opposite too. I didn't know he could sing too? I'm officially in love now lol

  8. [~db~] Photography 77 months ago | reply

    So I'm guessing you're #12 or # 13.5. :)

    I'd go so far as to say the Invisible Monkey ad was the best commercial of 2010. Though Washington driving a Dodge Challenger is a close second.

  9. [~db~] Photography 77 months ago | reply

    I'm well aware that he's married to his sister on the show. Gosh, that scene last season where his sister was crying to Dexter how broken she was a person. WOW. Brought tears to my eyes. Just a powerful scene. I hope she wins an Emmy this year. She deserves it.

  10. [~db~] Photography 77 months ago | reply

    I've been hooked on Dexter since Season 1, Episode 1. Where Dex kills that pedophile. The dude says, "But...you're just like me" And Dex replies, "I don't murder children." Damn... hooked, line and sinker.

  11. Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate 77 months ago | reply

    I LOVE DEXTER! Well the first season anyway, after that the show sorta went downhill but I LOVE THIS

  12. Frecklenose 77 months ago | reply

    Love Dexter too, but I'm way behind... it's not on national channels, so have to wait longer! Very frustrating. Love the colours and your texture work... does have a real dark glamour side in the dexter spirit :)

  13. Nada Satté 77 months ago | reply

    Dex is the best show ever, specially the first 2 seasons !
    ..and that picture rocks !

  14. *tracie west* 77 months ago | reply

    You are always so darn creative with your BAM, l love to see what you come up with. You are so beautiful, even with the blood...lol.

  15. DaveSommerPhotos 74 months ago | reply

    This is awesome. You are awesome! Superb!

  16. DaveSommerPhotos 74 months ago | reply

    Oh so cool! I love this pic of you!

  17. Niccirf 73 months ago | reply

    LOVE! ( . . . and love some more!). This shot - Dexter - everything!

  18. {she tells stories} 67 months ago | reply

    Beautifully done!! You are rocking the plastic wrap!! :)

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