french toast sammich

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    It was like a vegetarian version of a Monte Christo Sandwich. Spinach and fresh mozzarella grilled between two slices of french toast. Topped with powdered sugar.

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    1. Esther17 97 months ago | reply


      Sorry about that, I had a synapse overload, and was unable to describe how damn delicious this looks. *drool*

    2. Branille 97 months ago | reply

      wow, looks delish

    3. irioptika 97 months ago | reply

      now this looks good
      i was having nightmares featuring the tuna ring thing

    4. The Rocketeer 97 months ago | reply

      And from the thumbnail, I thought it was a suitcase in the snow.

    5. bunchofpants 97 months ago | reply

      I love those thumbnail illusions!

      iri`optika, sorry about the tuna ring!

      And yes, esther and branille, it was delicious!

    6. kittenagogo 97 months ago | reply

      The way you taunt me with these delicious foods... From the ice cream to the sexy tuna jello mold to this. I'm constantly drooling. This looks so damn good.

    7. Dave Horne 97 months ago | reply

      Mmmmm...makes my mouth water! I would be all over this sandwich!

    8. Sun Spiral 97 months ago | reply

      hey - you know what they call french toast in France? Not French toast funnily enough ;) It's called pain perdu ('lost bread' - well, that is, bread that is too hard to eat which is given new life and ingestion after being soaked in milk...)

    9. bunchofpants 97 months ago | reply

      Nyx, I had heard of the name pain perdu ... but just milk? No eggs? Well, whichever way, I bet the French make the best pain perdu ... which is probably why we call it French toast!

      Kitten--sexy jell-o mold? It made you drool? I worry about you ...

      Dave, it was very, very easy to make! You should try it.

    10. Mr. Greenjeans 97 months ago | reply

      Ha ha!! I thought I was the only grown-up that still called them sammiches!!!

      Sounds delish! Of course, my wife would have to have hers filled with a thick layer of Velveeta!!!!..(=/

    11. bunchofpants 97 months ago | reply

      Ahh, Velveeta ... add some Spam and Jell-O and you've got a meal!

    12. Puff Dragon 97 months ago | reply

      Add Velveeta and spam and you can put it in the annual trailer park cookbook.

    13. ashxc 77 months ago | reply

      Sugar + salt = confusion
      But it still looks hella good.

    14. dickumbrage 64 months ago | reply

      are you aware that your french toast has become an essential part of surviving winter in boston?

    15. bunchofpants 64 months ago | reply

      I was not aware! Cool. I'm glad to help out the shivering Bostonians.

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