build a moonbase
Moonbase is a modular LEGO space-themed community building standard. This is an archive of the old moonbase website I used to run on zemi. Most of these pictures are from around 2005 and are rather small.

I no longer maintain the moonbase website, so please feel free to copy any pictures or text in this set. And if you have a great new idea for the standard that builds on what you see here, by all means promote it!

Since 2002, moonbase building has definitely peaked and slowly declined, but maybe we'll see a resurgence in the future.

The goal of moonbase was to create an easy to follow standard that would allow builders from around the world to build separate "modules" that could be connected seamlessly in a large layout.

A layout can consist of 1 or 2 modules or contain hundreds. Each module is connected to another by an airlock corridor. A few other simple rules should be followed but after that anything is possible. A moonbase module can be anything a builder can imagine, in any shape or size. Additional features like monorail, moonway and giant shipyards can be added to further unify a layout.

Model by Bram Lambrecht.
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