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i saw it. i saw him turn his face. that wicked smile, enjoying every piece of her heart fall to the ground. i saw it shatter. i saw it touch the ground. i heard her bleed. i don't know why she let him. i haven't figured out why she reached out for more. or why she loved him. again and again and more. she accepted that she could never have him. that he could only hurt her. that she deserved nothing more. that this was the only heaven she would know. his eyes were sorry. but his heart was numb. she loved him. loved him. didn't know what it meant to be loved back. unwilling to die. keeps reaching her arms. blades, kisses, every glance he ever gave her.

it was for love. finally said enough. finally said goodbye. hoping this is what love feels like. hoping this is what life feels like. take another step. kept reaching. for life. for love. for what is left. for what is real. and what is true. it was for love. it was for hate. it was a moment when she knew there was nothing. but love. but hate. but love.


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Taken on April 14, 2012