Back the Blue and Black Lives Matter
Two separate rallies, one for Black Lives Matter and the other for Back the Blue both kicked off at 10:30 am in Springfield Township, Montgomery County Pennsylvania. At the Back the Blue Rally in Cisco Park, your correspondent hear 37 year veteran, Michael E. Pitkow, Chief of Police, thank the community for their support and the dedication of his officers. He spoke of a survey being conducted [the outgrowth of community meetings] among community residents soliciting their input about what they want from their police department. He remarked about the challenging times ensuing after the onset of the corona-virus pandemic and the "death of Mr. George Floyd" but noted Springfield Township hadn't experienced the civil unrest occurring in many other places around the nation. The temperament of the other rally in Mermaid Park, not far away was in contrast. Napoleon Nelson, who is running for representative in the 184th district of the Pennsylvania State House, encompassing Springfield Township, spoke after visiting the police rally. "I support the police... but this is no time to back the blue." Citing recent police killings he said, "It could happen here."
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