Annual Live Primate Event featuring Carmen Presti
The Anthropology Society and Biology Club annually host an event involving live primates, featuring local primate rehabilitator, Carmen Presti.

Carmen Presti is the founder of the Primate Sanctuary in Niagara Falls, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality care and a non-stressful living environment for primates that may have been former pets, research primates, or primates from the entertainment field. Educational events like this are part of the enrichment of the primates and a way to spread awareness about primates and their protection.

Carmen Presti introduces live primates individually throughout the presentation to interact with the audience, while speaking about their unique characteristics, such as cheek pouches, opposable thumbs, sitting pads, prehensile tails, facial expressions, and hair rubbing. Carmen also talks about neurotic behaviors observed in primates like rocking, cage pacing, self clasping, floating limb disorder, self mutilation, and other compulsive disorders.
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