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Michael Ann: The Acid House Window | by budrowilson
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Michael Ann: The Acid House Window

When planning Michael Ann's photoshoot, I asked her if there were any places in particular she'd like to shoot. That's when she asked, "Have you ever heard of the Acid House?"


"Never. Explain," I replied.


She then began to tell me the story of a couple of guys who painted a room in an abandoned house while tripping on acid. After that, the place had become a place of sanctuary for recreational users. I thought it sounded like a pretty interesting place and we agreed to shoot there. Unfortunately, she didn't have an address--just the name of the road the house was on. We decided to shoot in the mid-morning to [hopefully] avoid meeting anyone at the location.


Once the shooting day arrived, we set out to find this mysterious place, The Acid House. Even though we knew what road the place was on, the description we received was so vague that many buildings along this rural road could have been it. We stopped several times to ask ourselves, “Was that it? She we go back and look closer?” And that's how we ended up at the first location...


From the road, the first location seemed fit the description. It was a house (not a barn), had no windows, and looked quite abandoned. As we had been driving down this road for quite some time, we decided to investigate. After noticing some inhabited homes very close by, we realized this couldn't be the house we were looking for. However, it had loads of character. We decided that if we weren't going to find the Acid House, this was going to be the next best thing.


I knocked on the door of the property owner's home and asked for permission to use his property for our shoot. He agreed. However, while talking to him, he revealed that the house we were actually looking for was just a few more miles down the road and proceeded to give use a few more details to look for. However, as we had already asked for (and received) permission to shoot at the house on his property, that's what we did. Thus, the first set of images...


After completing our shooting there, and packing up, we traveled a few more miles down the road. That's when we came across an obviously uninhabited building just off the road. However, there didn't seem to be any painted rooms in the place. We were just about to give up when I walked around to the back of the house. Below the main floor was a very small basement room, and that's when our search came to an end...


We didn't end up spending much time at our intended location because the bugs were eating us alive. However, finally discovering this wonderful location was the perfect end to a great adventure.


Strobist: 1 Quantaray shoe-mount flash, camera left, diffused by a 16” Alzo collapsible softbox. 1 Nikon SB=24, camera right, diffused by a white umbrella. 1 Quantaray shoe-mount flash, camera right (behind subject, in room), bare, pointed at background. Flashes triggered via Cybersyncs.

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Taken on August 26, 2012