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Bo on a boulder safari

Bo is the senior dog in our little pack--and folks have noticed that she seems to miss out on a lot of the fun Fox and Coco enjoy.


But on a nice day, she volunteers to come along. Today was a safari on the old Lotus Isle trolley trestle. It's the site where Lotus Isle Amusement Park carved out a colorful slice of weird Portland history, back 80 years ago.


Those were some wild (amd mostly forgotten) times. All that remains are a few rotten pilings and a bed of boulders, where the train trolley once carried folks from Marine Drive to Lotus Isle.


The bridge bed remains, and contributes to our moorage's annual low-water grounding early each Autumn. The river current slows down as it crosses over the rocks, and the slower current drops it's load of sand under the houseboats, as the water flows downriver.


The current also rolls the rocks against one another, tumbling them into a pleasing, egg-like symmetry. They remind me of a field of dinosaur eggs, fertile with the history of marathon dances, speakeasies, flappers and the stock market crash.


I harvest my favorites, and bring them home from the Columbia and into the swimming pool turned fish pond in my backyard. Bo is built low to the ground, so she's a good helper at sniffing out the choicest river heirlooms.


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Taken on September 4, 2012