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Concert for the Pack--

Cruising off the Lotus Isle Point, I'm working on my callouses--on my palms (from a little bit of rowing) and on my fingertips (from a wee bit of strummin'). The Gurls love it--(that being the dogpack, Coco, Bo, and Chloe).


It's said performing for an audience can make you a better musician. This is how I do it--corral them into the boat (so they can't get away), and cast off. We never know where we'll end up. If the breezes are favorable, I pop open a golf umbrella and we sail to wherever. I've got a fishpole with a lure I'm towing, and a "water-stick" (for shooting bilge water at any riff-raff that might disturb our musical reverie). And the mutts seem to like my playing, particularly "Old McDonald had a Farm" (perhaps knowing that there are McDonalds in my family tree, too--or perhaps the onomatopoeia of the " 'woof woof' here, and a 'woof woof' there..." personal code holds that any time spent on the water is not deducted from your lifespan (North Seas not included). And these little strummin'/fishin'/rowin' ventures are good practice for my music--once I get good, I intend to move up and start playing for a real audience, like the kitties.


Of course, Chloe is watching from across the Rainbow Bridge these days, and it just points up, how hard a dog she would be to replace--smart, fast, fun, good sea legs, AND she appreciates my music. Perhaps my buddy Kirk can tell me where he went to find Esmerelda!


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Taken on March 22, 2012