Wild Mountain Brand Raw 100% Pure Natural Uncooked Honey

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    found at 99Ranch in Fremont. 32 oz (2lbs) for $5.05. Pretty cheap for GOOD honey. It's runny, not thick, but tasty.
    Thanks Itinerant for the reminder. Also on sale at Albertson's 7/14/06 $4.99 (w/ preferred card) for 2 lbs!

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    1. Red @ Jay 91 months ago | reply

      How do I contact Wild mountain Honey to find a source of the 32 ounce jar?

    2. Itinerant 91 months ago | reply

      Coles Pure Honey Company
      200 Mountain Ave
      Piedmont, CA 94611
      (510) 654-3803

    3. subcystence 73 months ago | reply

      I've gone through the 5 lb. can of this same brand of honey a couple times. Last time I looked it was almost 17 bucks, but I feel like I paid a lot less a few years ago. It's available in a store or two here in Oakdale, CA.

      The remaining half of the last can of honey I bought ended up crystallizing, but it was good just the same. The solidifying of the honey made it easier to keep it in place when I packed my aching, hollowed-out, decaying tooth with a mixture of this and some cinnamon. This natural remedy done a few times took away the pain for good. Just kept it in there and reapplied when it dissolved.

      (During the posting of this comment, I currently had about 1/3 left of the 2 lb. glass jar pictured, which I think I got for 8 or 9 bucks.)

    4. Homestead Revival™ 53 months ago | reply

      I don't know if you're still using this honey, but it's the cheapest I've food, too. However, I am getting a 6 lb. can at Save Mart for $13.99. Because I use it for baking bread, granola, etc., I go through a lot - about a can a month, sometimes more. (Just thought I'd let you know another source.)

    5. nakhlah 49 months ago | reply

      I have a can of the Robert Cole Wild Mountain Honey, and the can got very funky. The honey had crystalized, so I scooped honey out of the middle and avoided the sides of the can, which were had black goo wgucg came off when you passed a spoon over it. Still the honey has a metallic taste. I'm not sure if I should throw it away, or what. Anyone had this problem and knows what to do?

    6. Philsweetie 45 months ago | reply


      I just want to inquire if the 2 lbs glass jar of Wild Mountain Brand Honey comes sealed. Meaning the mouth of the jar is sealed and then the tin cover. I have bought a 2 lbs glass jar of Wild Mountain Honey but its not sealed. So I came back to the store were I bought it and asked if I could change it to a sealed one, but when I check the rest of the jars I found out that all of them were not sealed as well. I noticed that the color of the honey is also darker than what you can see in the picture. I asked the sales lady why they are not sealed and she just said, they all came without seal. I did not use the honey yet because I want to be sure if this is how the company dispose or sell their products. Is there anybody out there who is using this product can help me verify this?
      Thank you very much for your kind heart to help. I know we can help the company too...

    7. buzz the nector collecter 39 months ago | reply

      Very good probability this honey originated from China OR Vietnam, the metallic taste is a give away by itself, honey probably has a high lead content and possibly contains illegal antibiotics.
      FDA cannot check every container load of food entering the USA. The cheap price is another give away,.... you get what you pay for and sometimes get Chinese poison
      I know, I am a Canadian honey producer

    8. carincook 37 months ago | reply

      I just bought this product and the taste seems "off". Buzz the nectar collector, you are so right about the metallic taste. I have tried online searches for more information on this product, but cannot find a site. Am taking Buzz's advice and will steer clear.

    9. helloKittyKat1960 32 months ago | reply

      . .
      ___ Got me a jar. was impressed till i read this shheittt!!! know, i might have to look for our natural Clear Springs Road Honey from Simi Valley, They used to sell it at Larsens Heath Food off Sycamore Drive by Target.

    10. zenveg 31 months ago | reply

      This honey does have a metallic taste. What gets me is the "unblended" on the label, but says the honey is from US AND Argentina. Buy local raw honey from the farmer's market, much better.

    11. danielsen888 31 months ago | reply

      I have a 5 lb. can I'm currently eating down and it's cyrstalized down at the bottom 1/3. No big deal! It's all good. I see some black "goo" on the inside of the metal can. I don't eat that. No problems! Great honey.

    12. storkfmny 31 months ago | reply

      Just bought a five pound can for 16 bucks, not a bad deal considering the competition is about the same price and is nothing but corn syrup. SaveMart

    13. gaiamie232 27 months ago | reply

      hi folks - just so you know, crystalization is a good thing, only raw honey will crystalize - and raw honey is way more healthy than cooked/processed. I just bought a can of this having noticed that it does say raw, unfiltered etc. -- the low low price however ($3/# vs typical price for local raw honey is $5/#) makes me a little nervous -- I found on the bottom of the label that it is a blend from US, Ukraine, and Vietnam. I suppose US may be fine, and Vietnam too assuming it was not harvested from areas we bombed with chemical agents 30 years ago (who knows), and the Ukraine is a big mystery - but knowing that this is where Chernobyl happened, I'm a little doubtful of its purity. Nature in its brilliance has restored a lot over time in that region, but I'm not knowledgable on the status of things to know that it is a good bet or not. I think I'm going to take this honey back to the store for a refund, and go back to supporting my local honey farmers... In the end, I guess you really get what you pay for!

    14. purrfectpinkk 27 months ago | reply

      I just purchased a 16oz jar and upon opening, I too have noticed that there is no safety seal or pop-up lid. I tried to call the number on the jar and got an answering service that took my name and number and said that they would call back. I was just about to use the honey, but after reading some of these comments, I am having second thoughts. As gaiamie232 stated about the origins of it's contents...the bottom of my jar says it's a blend from USA, Argentina and Vietnam. Hmmm....I think I may just return to the store.

    15. mimagary1 26 months ago | reply

      What a pity. I saw the Oakland address and didn't realize that it's from Vietnam/USA/Ukraine. I bought the 5lb can. Yes it was cheap and I should have know that you get what you pay for. I'll try to retun it as I've only used about an ounce. I bought it at Raleys.

    16. osgo 16 months ago | reply

      Chernobyl actually happened in Belarus, **not** the Ukraine…huge geographical difference. One thing is ‘fer sure on this product…at first glance, it looks local, like if the farmer’s down the way made something…but when you look closer, you see it’s from China, from Vietnam, from Anyplace and not always the USA! This is disingenuous to me…and dangerous at the worst, especially if coming from Asian countries where they use a TON of pesticides (DDT is still in use over there), where there’s heavy metals in the food, where there’s ‘anything goes until caught’ environmental policies…and no real inspection program in the USA that could consistently catch someone trying to slip something through. On honey…I would try and buy as local as you can…$3-$5 difference is not worth jeopardizing your and your children’s health.

    17. krand02 16 months ago | reply

      DO NOT BUY ROBERT COLE'S WILD MOUNTAIN HONEY! It is NOT local. On the label under the bar code in small print is reads, "Selected honey from the U.S., Argentina, and Viet Nam." There is no quality product as cheap as this honey sells for. You get what you pay for.

    18. joe2dmoon 12 months ago | reply

      I was disappointed after reading the little sign barely visible to the eyes at the bottom of the bottle that says: harvested from the U.S, Vietnam and Thailand. I know that most of everything that comes from Vietnam and Thailand is bad. They often mix unknown sugary substances from china to make fake wild honey and sell them for very high profits. There was a story circulating not too long ago in Vietnam that people of the highland of Vietnam who used to go hunt for wild honey in the forest and sell them to tourists. The demands were so great that they could not find enough to sell; so they began buying fake honey from china, bottle them as wild honey and sell them to tourists. That's the reason why I came all the way to Gilroy, calif. to buy it and thinking that I got the real thing. I was surprised that it was not seal and the honey was not as thick and tastes more like syrup. I was fooled. I am glad that I did not give it to my mom as planned. I think Mr. Robert Cole owes us an explanation of how this honey is collected from oversea. I'll definitely be more careful next time.

    19. gipseejade 4 months ago | reply

      I got a can of this honey and was so disappointed because it doesn't taste like honey, but more like cornsyrup or sugar syrup. I got it at* foods 4 less*.I will be taking my extra can back and getting a refund. Years ago I remember getting this same brand and it seemed to have a sludge substance in it. I guess its back to TJ's,,3lbs for 10.00.

    20. Rita Crane Photography 2 weeks ago | reply

      Thanks to all for the interesting information. All along I thought this was wild California honey. It does crystallize, so I guess that's a plus. Yet......hmmmm.........my latest can of "wild mountain" honey says it's "selected honey from the USA, Thailand, and Vietnam" .... I just decanted it into glass jars now that I understand why the metallic sludge develops. I was wondering about that.

      This was useful to know: www.foodrenegade.com/your-honey-isnt-honey/

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