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Emma Stenson Interview!!!

M- Meredith the interviewer from Thrive Magazine.

E- Emma Stenson


M: It's great to have you here Emma!

E: Not really. I just got back from India and all I want to do is sleep.How much am I getting paid for this again?


M: Lets not talk about that! Lets talk about the competition. Were you surprised you made it this far?

E: Are you kidding me? You're a really dumb interviewer. That has to be the dumbest question. I mean LOOK at me *emma snaps her fingers* LOOK at me. OF COURSE I'm not surprised I made it this far. I'm like the closest to perfect you'll ever get.


M: Right... So what was it like living in a house with a ton of girls.

E: Another dumb question. It was annoying. The girls there were dumb. Every week they'd be like "Oh I think I did bad this week" and worry about elimination. I just couldn't really relate because I never had to worry about getting the boot.


M: Who did you make friends with, and who did you make enemies with?

E: Well in week two that bitch Moon accused me of copying her photo... like are you serious? She was just jealous cause with the same pose and clothes there was still a significant difference between our photos. Then Sharidan and I formed a bond. She was just such an incredible model I knew I wanted to be friends with her. But then once Ariianna hopped on Shar's back... it was like World War 3! No one bitches at my friends, or me for that matter. The rest of this girls didn't really like me. I just told them how it was and well... adios they went!


M: Are you upset you didn't win?

E: No of course I'm just throwing a parade for my loss. I'm sorry but you're really stupid. But yes I'm disappointed, however I love Sharidan and she definitely deserved the title.


M: So Emma where are you going from here?

E: Well I'm in another competition but I'm not sure if that's still going on. This summer Olivia, Maddie, and I are going on "Top Model House" and I plan on winning. Except that dumb Egyptian bitch Minka will be there. She's getting voted off week one! I may join another competition as well. Don't lose sight of me though, this is NOT the last you'll see of me.

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Taken on April 26, 2012