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    it seems hard to believe there was a time when people would just stop and enjoy life. Nowadays,we are so consumed by the go-go lifestyle, that we let so much pass us by.

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    1. JD Colourful Lyte 66 months ago | reply

      This is a pleasing photo, you have captured a very nice scene, it feels like a lovely afternoon along the parkway.

      Great job on the composition, you have really followed the rule of thirds to capture the wonderful blooms on the top, the lake, and then the trail with the man. The man with his bike, give the photo a subject to focus in on. The trail does its job in leading the viewer to the subject, and really the top two thirds do their job in setting the peaceful mood, and calmness that really make this photo evoke a calm and peaceful feeling that you were going for.

      Technically there is nothing to critique in terms of exposure, focus and depth of field, all of those elements are well done as they need to be to make this an excellent photo.

      The only thing I can critique is perhaps the black and white treatment, but before I go there, I believe you were going for the feel of an old photo, in which case your treatment is spot on. The muted, washed out look really is effective in creating the look of an old photo. Now I personally prefer a more punchy, contrasty look to black and white, so would have like to see darker shadows and whiter highlights. The only other critique would be to re-evaluate your crop. As stated the composition is fine, so this is just a suggestions to simplify the image slightly. I think you could crop the bottom, just where the shadow from the tree hits the little wall along the path. This would remove the distraction of the wall, and create a simpler pathway to the main subject.

      Overall nice creativity, well thought out image which effectively evokes the calm and peaceful feelings that you wanted it to create.

    2. PetterPhoto 66 months ago | reply

      Even before reading your title and description I was thinking "is it really a 2009 shot?"

      Your motive is well chosen, with a beautiful sunlight shining on the spring flowering tree reminding me on the 1st of November what a lovely month May is... I also like how the track stretches through the picture from up front and disappearing behind the tree before showing up again.

      You should also get compliments attention to detail - the man and his bike adds that little extra and it is important to the result that the bike is not a modern offroad but a rather classic looking black one. Without it the picture would be a lot less interesting.

      Finally I like the slight sepia tone on this, it is not too much but enough to add even more nostalgia to the result.

    3. Yovo Photo 66 months ago | reply

      This is a nice fall image. I like the composition and subject very much.

      Suggestions are a bit tough to find here. Mainly I think time of day has limited the contrast available for B&W in this shot. Lower, softer light might allow for more texture and deeper tones, esp in the grass and walk in the foreground. Adding or playing with split tones might enhance the contrast a bit, but I'm not an expert and can only suggest playing with the sliders, maybe darkening the greens? If available.

      I really like what you've done her compositionally. All the triangles and convergence here is marvelous. I really like the way the beach, lake and road all converge towards the left. Great work!

    4. HiS***PhotoArt 65 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ***Memories of Tomorrow*** [ADMIN INVITE] P1/A1, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      An echo from visual echo (comment with images, not words).

    5. Bubba  Willuk (Away) [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

      My visual echo:


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