BSRM 0954
BSRM 0954 is a model S-1, diesel-electric switcher built by American Locomotive Co. (Alco) in Schenectady, NY. It was built in 1945 and is equipped with a McIntosh & Seymor model 539 six-cylinder diesel engine, which generates 660 hp. Built for the Maine Central Railroad as 954, it was designated class DS-3b. In 1976, it was purchased by General Electric and overhauled at their shops in Erie, PA. From there, the locomotive became No. 6 and was assigned to GE's Power Transformer plant in Pittsfield, MA.

In 1988, GE donated the locomotive to BSRM, where it was assigned number 0954 and painted in a scheme reminiscent of New Haven’s fleet of switchers. The leading “0” in the number is consistent with New Haven numbering practice during the steam-to-diesel transition era. New diesel locomotives were given a leading zero to avoid conflict with a steam locomotive using the same road number.

Starting in 2009, 954 began undergoing an intensive restoration of its body and trucks. New wheels were installed on refurbished trucks and orginal traction motors. 954 is now siting on its new wheels and shiny trucks awaiting body work, featuring a new cab floor, steel work and paint.

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