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Mount Doom on the horizon | by bSlaney
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Mount Doom on the horizon

Well, where to begin this time. I'm so tired my vision is actually blurring but these photos today deserve to have their story told.


I took Da Bus to Kailua this morning (well, afternoon-ish) got off the bus and began my random walk in any direction I felt like. My first glance of Kailua is that it's a KAP picnic, or disneyland. Beaches, mountains, a canal looking river thing, all great aerial targets.


I started walking through residential streets towards one of the closer ridges that I thought I would be able to climb without too much personal risk. As my street came to dead end I saw some well worn cement stairs leading to the beginning of a dirt trail up the ridge, score!


1- I made it to what I thought was a good part of the ridge to drop the backpack and put kite and camera into the air. I put new batteries in the rig this morning but apparently forgot to hit the on switch and just check everything, I've got the rig on the line, kite high in the sky and it's not rotating at all. .... ah! So I took out the batteries and tried another pair. Nothing. Either both sets are dead or I have bigger problems. I took out the new old batteries since they were useless weight and began the old technique of set and forget = set the angle of the camera from the ground let out a bunch of line, reel it all back in, point the camera somewhere else and repeat to infinity. bah.


No less than 20 seconds I thought to myself, hey Brad, it's really cloudy and gray, and so windy you're using your not-so-trusty FlowForm8 but hey things could be worse, at least it's dry. It began to pour, at a very hard diagonal. I was able to cover my camera up in time but I was soaked by the end of the spell, no rain jacket and it would have been too windy for an umbrella.


2-When the rain came the wind actually dropped a little + wet kite = kite falling from the sky.

I'm up on this ridge and I was able to haul in my line all but 80 feet or so, now my kite is tangled in some gnarled bushes 80 feet down this freshly slick slope. :/


3- Always clear your SD card before leaving your house. I got lazy with my 16 gig sd card that I thought, oh there's room for sure for today. Wrongo, less than halfway through my outing the poor guy was alerting me it was out of space. Thankfully I had a few gigs of space on my 2 other cards but it was a complete pinch. At one point, for these birdseye beach photos I had to switch from RAW to JPEG and put it on a 15 second timer knowing I only had about 8 photos of space remaining. I'm glad I was able to get SOMETHING of the scene before it was all over.


Overall the clouds created a perfect hiking temperature, though it did rain on and off all day causing me to gamble with my cameras. I'll check on the rig tomorrow morning, hopefully figure out why it's not rotating. Kailua looks like a gorgeous town I'm looking forward to visiting there again!


Taken from a camera suspended from a kite.


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Taken in January 2012