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The Hardest Captcha. | by Britt Selvitelle
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The Hardest Captcha.

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Hello people of Digg (and more importantly, Flickr).


This has, for quite some time, been a great pet peeve. It's 2008, and with an almost certainty every spammer has, or can easily gain access to personal data. It is a fight that we will always be behind on, and like locking up your bike, the best one can hope for is that malice passes by.


More importantly, there is an abundance of incredibly interesting and fantastic people to be found. People whose lives and idea[l]s inspire conversation. By obfuscating what are already incredibly accessible means of communication, one is simply making it more difficult for people who would like to share these thoughts.


So for anyone who is interested, the mobile number in the photo is actually quite old. My latest contact info is:


phone: (415) 279-6244





This information is and always will be available via the web. I do believe this will make for an excellent article on social presence and privacy. I've gotten many SMSs (which I've responded to all of), and many phone calls (which I've let go to voicemail).


Also, as I predicted in my comment on the Digg article, I did see the Bond movie tonight. It was OK. I'll be, with great fever, hacking on Twitter all week, and at the beach this weekend with the pup.

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Taken on May 31, 2007