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    First version. I got bored over the weekend. I plan on adding to this, there's still alot left uncovered.

    Update 10/26: Revised version available

    Update 8/12/2008: I really should have mentioned this a long while ago, but this very diagram was featured in Dan Brown's (excellent) book Communicating Design (Chapter 6, on page 159.) Thanks again, Dan!

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    1. Stewart 103 months ago | reply

      Sweet - I'm going to print that out and put it in our office :)

      (Is that OK?)

    2. soldierant 103 months ago | reply

      Please do, Stewart! What a kick.. And Matt -- as you can see, I released it under a Creative Commons License, so lemme know if you want the Illustrator version to run with.

    3. soldierant 103 months ago | reply

      Download a hi-res printable PDF here.

    4. kears10 103 months ago | reply

      truely a work of art ;)

    5. erin_designr 103 months ago | reply

      sweet. when are you going to come back to california and work on my team again? we need you here for community.

    6. ribot. 103 months ago | reply

      Very nice illustrator work going on here!

    7. variable resistance 95 months ago | reply

      very nice. can we say META anyone?

    8. Rem Ryzhov 94 months ago | reply

      Would you tell me which software did you use to make such a beautiful concept maps?

    9. Guild Curse Hakkar 93 months ago | reply

      i'm study about maps, it is so beatifull
      sorry my english!!

    10. heariel 92 months ago | reply

      Can you tell me what kind of tool
      you used for such a brilliant work?

    11. soldierant 92 months ago | reply

      Adobe Illustrator.

    12. Kalisurfer1 91 months ago | reply


      would you be willing to release the Illustrator file under CC to the public. Love to use your work as a starting point.

    13. Herbert Spencer 91 months ago | reply

      Your visual language rocks! I've always had trouble representing people. I think your icons are a nice balance between right proportions and a fairly abstract representation. Would you mind if I borrow them?

    14. soldierant 91 months ago | reply

      Kali & Herbert: Thanks for your kind words! Very encouraging. There is a downloadable PDF version that should be editable in Illustrator available at my site Soldier Ant.

      I'm sorry, but I won't be able to make the Illustrator versions themselves available

      And Herbert, by all means, the people in the diagram are covered under the same Creative Commons License as the rest of the diagram. So feel free to do what you will with them, as long as you honor the terms of the license.

      Thanks again!

    15. pnr48 91 months ago | reply

      Good for learners-add more such things

    16. Herbert Spencer 88 months ago | reply

      Hey! I've borrowed your human icons and I've used them here. Check it out. Thanks!

    17. mjbaird99 73 months ago | reply

      Bryce, hey man i love your concept map. I am planning on developing a few concept models based on your ideas here. You truly are a wizard.

    18. kamartin_2000 51 months ago | reply

      Nice! Just found your pics based on the link here: Networks.

    19. firstcast 42 months ago | reply

      I have a copy of this hanging above my monitor. Trying to come up with a similar model for our company. Thanks for sharing!

    20. soldierant 42 months ago | reply

      Thanks If you get something that's shareable, I'd love to see it.

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