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    It's decided. Zoey is going to be a squirrel for Halloween.
    I'd say it's not official, but chances of me going out of my way to find something amazing on the "interweb"...are pretty slim. So this is it.

    Maybe if I get an overhead Pacman costume, I can manage to walk around with her and get some candy for myself. Kid at heart ;]

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    1. taylor_humphreys [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

      My pomeranian is going to be a bat, this is so adorable.

    2. epiøne 58 months ago | reply

      333Bracket It's even funnier when she's running around. She'll stop and chase the tail that she doesn't have, or start to gnaw on the acorn in front of her. Good stuff :]

      Forever A Sleepwalker how can you not?

      Taylor Humphreys huge lawl. That'll be good with the wings flopping up and down :]

      ♥ Christine Leigh ♥ That skunk outfit on panda is adorable by the way.

    3. Arnbear 58 months ago | reply

      Oh, haha, she's adorable! Great costume ((:

    4. m matthys 58 months ago | reply

      Ha Ha -- love this!!

    5. i eaт sтars 58 months ago | reply

      Goodnessss! This is amazing :D :D

      (I love the 5D + 50 combo. Stunning)

      Just too cute! :-)

    6. justtjenny 58 months ago | reply

      Perfect costume!

    7. Purnendu Mukherjee 58 months ago | reply

      Lovely picture. This is my favorite.

    8. Sam Tang 0318 58 months ago | reply

      very nice ~^__^~

    9. enchantedfarie 58 months ago | reply

      Ein has the same costume!!! <3 He dosent keep the hat on though.

    10. epiøne 58 months ago | reply

      i eaт sтars 5d + 50 is love :] Thank you!

    11. beachc0mber 58 months ago | reply

      OMFG this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

      I found you via Rick Nunn and I'm thrilled that you're doing a 365 that I can enjoy... so I've added you. You have a great stream.

    12. epiøne 58 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Catherine!

      I decided to start the project 7 days into the year. I had been out of the groove for a year and it was a good time in life to really get back into it. I'm glad you enjoy it so! It's brought me a great deal of joy, as well as a cameraface habit ;]

    13. Northwestkathleen, animal lover!! 56 months ago | reply

      Aaaaaw! She is being such a good sport here!

    14. wakethesun. 53 months ago | reply

      I bought the same costume for my male vizsla :) I did a whole photo shoot of him wearing it and doing "squirrely" things, like sitting on picnic tables and next to trees. I love your photo, as well!

    15. epiøne 53 months ago | reply

      wakethesun. hehe. yeah! I just looked back at your photos in October. Quite the ironic costume :] Good fun.

    16. Kirstyxo 46 months ago | reply

      How adorable!!!

    17. p ia 43 months ago | reply

      oh my gosh, that's so lovely!

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