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    Frankfurt Airport, Germany
    © All rights reserved - Bruno Méndez (2007)

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    Frankfurt Airport (IATA: FRA, ICAO: EDDF), known in German as Rhein-Main-Flughafen or Flughafen Frankfurt am Main, is located near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is the largest airport in Germany, and third largest in Europe, serving as an important hub for international flights from around the world. It is run by Fraport AG. The southern side of the airport, Rhein-Main Air Base, was a major airlift base for the United States from 1947 until late 2005. It is located 12 km from the downtown core.

    Frankfurt is a hub of Lufthansa, the German national carrier. Because of under-capacity in Frankfurt, Lufthansa divides traffic between Frankfurt and Munich's Franz Josef Strauß International Airport when possible.

    Frankfurt currently serves more destinations (265 non-stop destinations) than London's Heathrow Airport, but in terms of passenger traffic Frankfurt is third in Europe, behind London's Heathrow Airport and Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport.

    * Passenger traffic at Frankfurt Airport in 2005 was 52,219,412, compared with 67,915,389 at Heathrow Airport, and 53,756,200 at Charles de Gaulle Airport.
    * In terms of plane movement, Frankfurt was second in Europe with 490,147 planes , between Charles de Gaulle Airport (522,619) and Heathrow (477,888).
    * In terms of cargo traffic, Frankfurt was second in Europe with 1,963,141 metric tonnes (2,163,992 US tons), just behind Charles de Gaulle Airport (2,010,000 metric tonnes), with Heathrow's traffic at (1,389,591 metric tonnes).

    Nevertheless, there are plans to expand Frankfurt Airport with a fourth runway and a new Terminal 3, modifications the airport to be able to service the new Airbus A-380 plane have already taken place, including the building of a large A380 maintenance facility near the former U.S. Air Base which is not yet complete. The work on the fourth runway has been delayed several times due to environmental concerns. A final decision about zoning is expected for 2007, and the runway could be in operation by 2010.

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      Great perspective, great airport!
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      Amazing shot! Perfectly composed!

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      perfecta geaometría, fantástica foto!!

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      Where Have I seen this???

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      Me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      That is great and proud .

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