photo contest candidates 2006
Every year, the company for which I work produces a 52-week calendar with photos taken by employees. The calendar is distributed internally and perhaps to employees of the publishing company. So it's not like I'm getting famous or anything... :-)

Well, 3 years ago when I first worked here, I didn't get in. I was devastated. Since then, it's been a goal to get in the calendar, so I work pretty hard at it. I've gotten in every year since that first year.

I have to submit by September... so I am taking votes starting now. Cast your vote for 2 photos by making an entry in the comments. Just choose 2... that's all I can submit. I'll let you know which two make the cut! Please choose only from photos in this set. If you think something else should be considered, let me know.

They like international shots, some people, some animals, and some flowers. But mostly... travel stuff, since we are an international company. Seriously, one year there was a hole in the ground selected... just because it was a hole in the ground in AUSTRALIA!

UPDATE... the winner for the 2007 calendar was the flip flops on the beach!
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