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    A creative-commons work by "Scotticus" from FlickR's "Looking Into the Past" set. This panoply of photos, by many contributors, much deserves a contemplative look from atemporality fans.

    I'm convinced that some of these "Looking Into the Past" images are far more "atemporal" than others, but I lack the ability to go into that within this little text box here. Besides, most of those remarkable images, unlike this one, are "all rights reserved."


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    1. Bopuc 59 months ago | reply

      i don't see how they are "atemporal" when they comprise two very specific moments in time. Could you explain this to us/me?
      (I mean yes they are neat, but I don't see the "OMG it's atemporaility!" angle...)

      and not to self promote, but wouldn't this be something closer to atemporal? two photos of the same moment from slightly different depths, superimposed at another time... the superimposition being done in Photoshop, presenting a view not possible "in nature", "in real time"?
      What Jim saw

      or something... heh

    2. brucesflickr 59 months ago | reply

      I'm thinking it's the *raw white edges around the interior image* that are atemporal. It's not the past time, or the "present" time, but the transition shock that conveys the power. If you were to post the two photos side by side, they wouldn't do much.

      *I'm willing to be argued out of this. We're in deep waters here.

    3. Bopuc 59 months ago | reply

      ahh ok yeah I "see" that. certainly something there.
      thank you sir.
      (p.s.: the dude crouching in the above photo ended up finding the Buzz Rickson fighter jacket in a street stall in Ueno. Juss sayin')

    4. Maarten and Lori Lens-FitzGerald 58 months ago | reply

      lets do this in Layar!

      ooooh an Atemporal layar...

      Anyone got a this in a database with locations? We'd love to have this on Layar, the mobile augmented reality browser. We are opening up our API: www.layar.com/api

      and the white raw edges will be no problem 8-)

    5. Scotticus_ 15 months ago | reply

      Hi there Bruce.
      It's me, Scott, the guy who actually took the photo you've posted above. I wonder if you could put a link back to the photo on my photostream somewhere here?
      Here's the link: www.flickr.com/photos/scottdavies/3602144450/

      @Laura Ess: Close, it's King Street, looking toward George Street.

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