Urbex Expédition Antarctique
It was already some time ago that I first saw pictures of these abandoned snowcats, and was impressed by them. Extremely tough location to take decent pictures as there is hardly any space for your tripod to stand. Nevertheless worth while and I love the historical facts about these orange beasties!

In 1966 there was Belgian-Dutch expedition to Antarctica. The team consists of 18 men, being 12 Dutch and 6 Belgian. For some of them this wasn’t even their first explore to Antarctica. 8 of the 18 people were military support personnel. Main reason for this expedition was to gain information on oceanographics and hydrographics.

These snowcats have made litterally a hell of a journey, but made it back home. Now they’re stuffed in a shed and are never to be used anymore. It’s a shame nobody cares about them….

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