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an intimate affair

jumping in an intimate affair her obstruction her burial

These images, of which there are ten in total, make up a series where I have re-invented (or more accurately, re-imaged) Ophelia. Gone is the idea that Ophelia was a weak character. These images portray her as a woman who was hurt by the constraints of society but found the will to free herself, even through death. Her sexual frustration is examined and her sexual identity is found, buried again, but released one final time through this series.

This is a story of a whole life being unleashed through death.

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M.Fayre says:

This is an amazingly thoughtful, provocative, evocative, and visually stunning portfolio, Brooke. Katie is a fantastic model and the two of you were able to create a heroine that is everything I always wanted to believe Ophelia could be. Some of your best work yet, in my personal opinion. Brava!
Posted 86 months ago. ( permalink )

view profile says:

love it!
Posted 85 months ago. ( permalink )

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cjnzja says:

this set of pictures is really amazing, I'm speechless
Posted 85 months ago. ( permalink )

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checca26 says:

Without words...
Posted 83 months ago. ( permalink )

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~~AragornPrime~~ says:

wonderfully beautiful and elegant series
Posted 82 months ago. ( permalink )

is gone [deleted] says:

There is little I can say that M.Fayre hasn't already. These are amazing magical photographs; what talent you have.
Posted 81 months ago. ( permalink )

Elena Aurora [deleted] says:

I really love this album! amazing work!
Posted 77 months ago. ( permalink )

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