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reaching for clouds

I often think about how incredible things are from a distance. Mountains, cities, clouds. They look so massive and intimidating. But when you get closer, you lose that perspective. You start to see every detail, everything that the object is made of, and the mystery can be lost. To be wrapped in a cloud would be the most magical thing in the world to me, and so I decided to create that reality for myself.


I am updating from my hotel in Amsterdam. I am having a great time in this city. It is so quaint and laid back, healthy and lively, but also calming at the same time. I think all of the canals help. I taught a workshop yesterday and it went great - I met some amazing people, some who I already felt like I knew for ages. I really believe that the heart of a city lies with the city's inhabitants, and this city is beaming with life and love. I am so happy to be here.


Here is a behind the scenes photo story from this shoot: shadenproductions.com/blog/2012/08/05/reaching-for-clouds...


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Taken on July 11, 2012