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shedding skin

Facts about this photo...

- 2pm at the local park on a sunny day in an open sewer is not the time to shoot nudes

- This picture was emotionally driven

- Going out alone to shoot self-portraits makes me feel alive

- Rebirth is a theme I have long enjoyed, and I felt it come through full-force here

- This was intentionally more gritty, recalling some of my earlier photos.


I shot a lot of photos in that sewer. One woman walked up to me after watching me flip my hair around and said "You look really funny, you know that right?" Hehe um yes, thank you.


Despite how funny this shoot was, it was also very meaningful to me personally. I went into this "concept" very emotionally driven, a way that I don't typically work. It was refreshing.

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Taken on June 22, 2012