the house in the middle of nowhere

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On Thursday night I left for Chicago and ended up having the most amazing 4 days of my life. My only regret is that I didn't have any time for shooting, with sight-seeing, teaching workshops, hosting a meetup, etc. If it had been just me on the trip I would have probably not done the sight-seeing, stayed out of Chicago city, and sat in abandoned I'm glad I had my friends with me to make me see the sights, because I actually did like them a lot!

I shot this during my second workshop there and used a miniature house that the workshop space had in the lawn. I was excited by it because I could see how it would come together, and I know I couldn't find a house like that in real-life (at least not anytime soon). Ironically, the day after shooting this, I went to the Art Institute of Chicago and saw the most incredible set of miniature scenes depicting life from different time periods in Europe and America. All of this renewed my desire to shoot in miniature, so I might explore that more now.

I love trips like the one I just had...reminds me how being open to new things can be so good for creativity, and I feel totally renewed and energized! Going out to shoot self-portraits today, woohoo!

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  1. drshrinker (catching up) 47 months ago | reply

    Beauteous! I love the detail in the wall texture - and the overall clarity here.

    The most successful images are the ones which encourage you to wonder about the larger narrative at work... what happened right before this moment? Or directly after? What is she thinking? ... rather than just making you think, "wow, what a cool picture."

    I'm sure it sounds corny/pretentious, but looking at this (or any) image of yours, I feel that I'm peering through a window into a living, breathing alternate reality. And the longer you look, the more it seems to draw you in.

    Anyway... so glad you had a good time!

  2. J.M.Fransen (jero 053) 47 months ago | reply

    very good work as usual

  3. Anthony J. Martinez 47 months ago | reply

    Lovely! It was fantastic to meet you at the post-workshop meetup.

  4. FAKoLL 47 months ago | reply

    just perfect.

  5. Bas Tadema 47 months ago | reply

    Very nice shot and edit.

  6. creolumen 47 months ago | reply

    beautiful image

  7. arrowlili 47 months ago | reply

    like a little bit of fairy tale!

  8. Amoolia [Cherryaddict] 47 months ago | reply

    your so amazing at this, I hope I one day become as good as you <3

  9. IL Robi Robi 47 months ago | reply

    incredible!i love it!

  10. Ceccu e Caterina fotografia [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    Like many others, I love also

  11. Ed Visoso 47 months ago | reply

    Very good job!!

  12. Katherine Angelique Photography 46 months ago | reply

    your work is truly inspirational!

  13. ejmordasky 46 months ago | reply

    you don't post anything I don't think is awesome

  14. Usra :) 46 months ago | reply

    I love this so much!

  15. Samuel Charles 31 months ago | reply

    Hey..This is an awesome click . You are invited to upload this image in the Tallenge Photography Contest on the Tallenge website !!!
    All the best ,

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