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growing into the forest

Totally inspired by Alex Stoddard :-D


This was the photo that made me say no to shooting alone in the woods. At risk of sounding like a moron, I'll tell you why....

I was out here alone and made it to the location quite late. I ran in to the spot (which is far darker than outside of these woods) and started wrapping the yarn around my head. About halfway through I realized it was getting too tight, so I tried to loosen it but I couldn't get it off at all. So I decided to keep a finger in there and continue so I could at least get a shot. I went and shot it with a 3-sec exposure as it was that dark outside, and by the end of it my throat was hurting from wrapping the yarn too tight around my neck. I had to sit there for 10 mins to try and get it off! I did, no harm done...but it did make me completely rethink the safety of doing things like this by myself. Can you imagine if someone had found me? What a weird death to try and figure out...




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Taken on December 31, 2010