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before I wake | by brookeshaden
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before I wake

Do you know what sets artists and creators apart? The first step. The doing. The creating. The first time you picked up your camera...the first time you felt a push to create, and instead of shoving that feeling down, you did it. That first, sometimes scary, sometimes exciting, always confusing time.


It is the willingness to be so vulnerable as to put a piece of yourself out there in something you created when you may not have known how, or why, or what would happen. The first time we create is like a giant door pushing open just a crack. We get a glimpse of what waits for us on the other side. And what awaits is a world where our voice matters, our art can change people, and our willingness to take action inspires others to take action.


I'm celebrating the first image I ever made by recreating it 10 years later. In fact I recreated it several times in several places, but each turned out different - unexpected - and taught me something about where I am now. I'm celebrating those first days of not-knowing, of doubts, of failures, and of resounding pride for doing something rather than quitting. 10 years later and not much has changed. I still wake up every day with a story to tell; the only difference is that I know, without a doubt, that my story is important. I know equally that yours is too.


I shot this image and video with Flickr - a massive moment for me, and I can't believe I got to have worked with the very platform that started my journey into creativity. Please take a minute and a half to watch the video, it would mean a lot to me (plus it shows how this image was made): Click to see the video <3

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Uploaded on January 25, 2019