Intro to Metals - Fall 2010
Project one - I made a tribute to Eadweard Muybridge's Galloping Horse (1878) out of Metal. I pierced 10 slides of Brass with the running horse illustrations/animation and then to display them; I constructed a Zoetrope out of Copper.

Project Two - We had to find an eBay item to then reconstruct in our own way. I found a great vintage Stereoscope and decided to give it a shot. I was going to do the whole piece in metal, but because of time constraints, my instructor (Tia Dale) allowed me to use wood as well.

Project Three - To create a "Tiny Box" with either friction-fit or hinge.

Some photos from "Metals Illuminated" - Our class exhibition on Dec. 2nd, 2010. The exhibition took place in the 1st floor hallway of the Art Building on UW-Milwaukee's main campus.
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