• This is where Tom sticks all his ill-gotten funds for golfing, baby showers for his daughter and all the other corrupt stuff he does.
  • He uses these to scan the perimeter to score some shady deals he and Abramoff can dream up.
  • This is where all the shady deal dreaming comes from
  • What's that? Did I hear you say the word "deal?"
  • "Oh yeah, I heard it alright...come over to my office and we can work something out...casino's, oh yeah, I know a bit about them."
  • "Tom, come here a second, I'd like you to meet a friend of mine...Ben, oh and meet US Grant...nice guys."
  • Hypocrisy and double standards are issued forth from here.
  • A speck of Texas bull sh@t.

Tom DeLay Memory Map

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Can you smell the corruption?

  1. brokekid ages ago | reply

    Ok, not really that funny, it's the best I could do in the last five minutes of time on-line here...I nice Memory Map mashup with politics though...

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