50mm f/1.8 = Worst Wildlife Lens EXPLORED #11!

As said in the title, the 50mm f/1.8 is miserable for anything that moves. Most of you, are probably like, "well duh, I use a ***** whatever lens, and I get ****** results." I went to Nandi Hills and had no telephoto lens. My Sigma 18-200mm, which is honestly going to make a wonderful coffee cup, was failing at anything over 50mm. I decided to just pull out my 50mm, and try to get some good shots. Here is the problem. To get the photo I had to be about three feet away from the monkey. This monkey was okay with it, and kept eating, until other monkeys came along and started up a mini-war. Suddenly, I heard monkeys racing through the trees and along the ground, growling. I got a little nervous, and backed up, but this monkey followed me a little. That made me nervous, so I ended up freakishly running away from all these monkeys making loud screeching noises. Most of the monkeys were on top of cars; a baby was chewing an antenna of a car, while the others sat and relaxed. A few sat on a motorcycle and ripped the seat leather off. Poor guy.


Anyways, don't use a 50mm f/1.8 if you don't have to. It isn't sharp at f/1.8, and is too slow at f/6.3.


This is one of the only good photos that I got from Nandi Hills.


Hope you Enjoy :D


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Taken on December 18, 2011