Pie a prof fundraiser for Brock-Niagara Penguins
A group of professors in the department of Kinesiology provide students with some added incentive to donate money in support of the Brock-Niagara Penguins.

Students lined up to donate, and add their name to the raffle for their chance to “pie a prof”.

Participating Kinesiology professors included Jamie Mandigo, Jae Patterson, Craig Tokuno and Phil Sullivan, along with instructors Rebecca MacPherson and Larkin Lamarche.

All in good fun, each received the same make-over — the bitter-sweet taste of a pie topped with whipping cream. The fundraising initiative raised over $400 for the Brock- Niagara Penguins wheelchair basketball and swim team for youth with a disability.

The Brock-Niagara Penguins would like to thank the brave profs for stepping into the line of fire to help fundraise, and the Department of Kinesiology student council for there help in generating over $700 this past year for the penguins team.

The funds will be used to help purchase some much needed equipment contributing to the success and continuity of the program.
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