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Ooops | by Brock
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Well. I finally went and did it. I bought myself a drum kit. I am impossibly excited about it.


This is, for background information, almost exactly 18 years (half my life) after being told, in no uncertain terms, that not only would I NOT be geting one for my birthday, but also that I wasn't even allowed one in the house as they were "too bloody noisy". This is despite the fact that I was in (the beginnings of) a band and was playing on a borrowed drum kit. Badly, but playing. All self taught and making it up as I went.


But hey, I got a pay rise, yesterday, so I decided to celebrate. This and the news that my dad would stump up some of the money as a combined birthday/christmas present (it took him 18 years and having me 4,500 miles away before he was prepared to tacitly approve my having a drum kit, it amused me to realise. I'm pretty sure he won't hear it from there) made me decide to go for it.


Putting it all together last night was really very difficult - not from a technical point of view at all, but from a "must....finish... everything ....before......playing it!" aspect. I had to follow instructions and everything to make sure my enthusiasm didn't get the better of me and allow me to screw something up by plugging it in too soon, or mounting it badly and having it fall off. But it is up, and I was beating seven shades of crap out of it last night and this morning.




I have been toying with getting one of these (you really can't hear a whole lot of noise, as all the drum-type sounds are in the headphones) so it is ideal for my flat, and also possibly the only exercise that I could do that I will continue to do, if you know what I mean. After all, this is the bloke how bought himself some running shoes and shorts in the spring, and the damn things have only come out of the box when I dropped it yesterday while tidying up...


So. Despite confirming my initial fears that I am 'rusty' to the point of almost entirely being unable to actually 'play', and that I have completely lost the abillity to separate my left and right feet (possibly from years of using my left foot to tap along to the bass drum line while driving for 18 years) I am all set to start up again. I think I will follow a proper teaching book or something - rather than just playing along to music like I used to - so that I have some depth of knowledge as opposed to just re-learning the machanics of hitting things in the appropiate order, but I'm really looking forward to it.


Oh, and in case anyone is wonder, yes I max'ed out my credit card. Yes, it cost more than my car, but no I don't regret it at all. By way of penance, I cleaned my entire flat, top to bottom yesterday and redid all my clothes storage, dusted everything, hoovered and mopped the floor, cleaned the bathroom... the whole lot. Then I drove off to the music shop.

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Taken on February 10, 2008