The ugliest cinema in the world

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    This is 'The Point' in Milton Keynes, location for the famous "Barman abuse" incident referred to on iamcal. It's crap. It now has a cinema run by that bloke that does Easyjet. This is also crap. It means that the cinema is cheap, but you pay for what you get. I think you understand me...

    1. Dr Juffwamba ages ago | reply

      milton keynes is just crap full stop. too many roundabouts... and a once ok shopping centre that is now chav central...

    2. Defender ages ago | reply

      You guys are cunts. Milton Keynes is a great city. The cinema may be ugly, but it was the first multiplex in the the U.K and to call it "crap full stop" is just bollocks. How many times have you actually visited the city? not many

    3. Brock ages ago | reply

      Actually, cuntface, I've been going to Milton Keynes longer than you've been alive, assuming that you had the brains to get your age on your profile right. I also lived there for 6 months, lived near it for 20 years and worked there for a total of 2 years, spread over a 7 year period. So it just goes to show how much you know doesn't it, fuckball? Why don't you shove your badly informed opinion far up your pointless arse?

      MK has no soul and little going for it. It's just like a huge, out of town, retail park. Why anyone would want to live there (apart from Willen, and some of the outer villages) is beyond me. Dull, dull, dull. With a hefty smear of crap over the top.

    4. ... has left the building [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

      I don't think I understand. What is iamcal?

    5. Mr Jaded 118 months ago | reply

      Pyramids are meant to keep razor blades sharp - handy if you're in Milton Keynes...

    6. Jakes_World 118 months ago | reply

      iamcal is that fiber stuff that you mix with water, Panda!

      and this is killing me, but in this instance (and ONLY this instance), I must agree with Brock about the hideousness of this particular building.

    7. Nik Louch [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      But the ctual cinema is to the left!? That place is full of restaurants and clubs and that!?

    8. Brock 103 months ago | reply

      Er. Yes. As I said in the description. That is called The Point. It has a cinema as well as the bars. It is all one establishment; even if the buildings look almost separate, they aren't really. The actual screens are to the left, yes, as the big 'Theatres' sign suggests.

      Due to your rather, er, individual, punctuation, I can't actually tell if you are asking a question or trying to correct me, but if you are attempting to correct me, then it is misguided, as I have clarified. If it is a question, then hopefully I have answered it.

    9. Nik Louch [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      Was a question/clarification. Chill :)

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