Bishops House, Norwich.

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    Bishops House and Gardens, Norwich Cathedral Close.

    Photo originally uploaded for the Guess where UK group.

    1. lapsuskalamari ages ago | reply

      I don't know, but it is very elegent and yours is a fine composition

    2. Broads Marshman ages ago | reply

      Thanks Lapsus- I was pleasantly surprised with this shot, as it was taken in heavy rain and very dull conditions.

    3. Simon_K ages ago | reply

      Not Norfolkboy1's house, is it? ;-)

      At first, I took that to be a church tower behind, but I now think it is a castellated frontage, and this is the (1950s?) extension at the back of the house. An intriguing flint turret makes me wonder if this is in Norfolk. Thinking about Houses rebuilt in the post-war period, could it be Hockering Hall?

    4. Norfolkboy1 ages ago | reply

      Blimey Simon, my house? My ancestors might have been employed to lick the masters boots clean, being verbally abused, while singing glory hallelujah, and be glad of the employment!

      I think you are right Simon, this frontage is definitely modern, witness the stretcher bond brickwork and the concrete pantiles. I don't think this is in Norfolk at all, is it Jim?

    5. markescapes ages ago | reply

      I agree it does not look Norfolk but does not mean it's not in Norfolk. I think that whirlimagic washing line looks out of place next to the terrace! (view large).

    6. Broads Marshman ages ago | reply

      I thought that this would be a gift for the East Anglia contingent - obviously not! So,

      Simon - most of what you say is correct except that the whole of the house dates from the 1950s and it is not Hockering Hall (and Pete says it is not his house)

      Pete - your analysis of the building period/materials is correct, but this is Norfolk

      Mark - at least the magic roundabout was not whizzing round with the owners wet washing...

    7. Simon_K ages ago | reply

      Intriguing. Hockering was Cecil Smith's work, but this has more of the feel of James Fletcher-Watson, who worked extensively in Norfolk in the 1950s and 1960s (and has only recently died).

      I now realise that the medieval bit beyond is a separate building, and so I think that this might be his Bishop's House in the Close at Norwich.

    8. Broads Marshman ages ago | reply

      Yes, well deduced Simon, this is the Bishop's House in Norwich. Access here is rather limited and aimed mostly at the gardening fraternity. Leo has posted a few shots, otherwise very few flickr photographers seem to have visited here - quite a surprise as there are fragments of the Bishops Place in the grounds, and interesting views of the cathedral, from a 'different' aspect.

    9. Simon_K ages ago | reply

      Ooh,good. It's a great photo. Fletcher-Watson is most famous for rebuilding Bawdeswell church , which was destroyed by a crashing plane in WWII, in what was then his deeply unfashionable neo-Georgian. I think he's been fully vindicated, and his son told me that he was able to take part in the 50th anniversary celebrations shortly before his death.

    10. Gassami / Marie (très peu active sur le site) ages ago | reply

      The bishop's residence certainly is elegant... And what a lovely garden. Beautiful shot !

      Photos sans frontières
      I saw this photo in Photos sans frontières

    11. ♥NINA27♥ Living my Dream ♥ 120 months ago | reply

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      LOVELY !!!

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