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TV Shows We Used To Watch - Sunday 4th January 1970 | by brizzle born and bred
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TV Shows We Used To Watch - Sunday 4th January 1970



9-9.30 Nai Zindagi-Naya Jeevan


(Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan (New Way (Hindi) New Life (Urdu)) was a BBC television programme broadcast from 1968 until 1982. It was the first major programming for Hindi and Urdu-speaking viewers and represented the beginnings of regular broadcasting in the UK for non-native English speakers. Until that point, all BBC programmes had assumed an English-speaking audience.)


11.0-11.30 Seeing and Believing


1.25-1.50 Farming


2.00 Education Programme: The Minister of Education answers parents questions


2.29 BBC News Headlines


2.30 A Film for the Family (new series): Goodbye My Lady (1956 film) starring Brandon de Wilde


(Good-bye, My Lady is a 1956 American film adaptation of the novel Good-bye, My Lady (1954) by James H. Street. The book had been inspired by Street's original story appearing in The Saturday Evening Post. Street was going to be the principal advisor on the film when he suddenly died of a heart attack.)


4.00 Billy Smart's Circus for Children


(A larger-than-life character, Billy Smart (1894-1966) was born April 25, 1894, in a family of 23 children. His father had owned a small furniture moving company in West Ealing, England, but business must have been bad (not to mention the hardship caused by trying to provide for his huge family), or perhaps Mr. Smart, Sr. had a longing for adventure, for at age 15, young Billy was operating his father's hand-cranked roundabout on a fairground at Slough.)


5.00 Holiday '70 (new series) with Cliff Michelmore


(Arthur Clifford "Cliff" Michelmore (born 11 December 1919) is a British television presenter and producer. He is best known for the BBC television programme Tonight, which he presented from 1957 to 1965. He also hosted the BBC's television coverage of the Apollo moon landings, the Aberfan disaster, the 1966 and 1970 UK general elections and the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales in 1969. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1969.)


5.30 Ivanhoe


(Ivanhoe was a BBC television series from 1970. The script was by Alexander Baron, based on Sir Walter Scott's novel of the same name. The director was David Maloney. It was shown on the Sunday tea-time slot on BBC1, which for several years showed fairly faithful adaptations of classic novels aimed at a family audience. It was later shown on US television. It consisted of five 50-minute episodes. It is not widely remembered nowadays, but is remembered favourably by some who do remember it, as one of the better BBC Sunday adaptations, and possibly more accessible to a late 20th-century audience than Scott's original novel.)


5.55 Clangers


(Clangers was a popular British stop-motion animated children's television series of short stories about a family of mouse-like creatures who live on, and in, a small blue planet (quite similar to, but not intended to be, the Moon). They speak in whistles, and eat green soup supplied by the Soup Dragon. The programmes were originally broadcast by the BBC from 1969–1972.)


6.05 BBC News


6.15 Religion in the Sixties: part 1 The Personal Dilemma


6.50 Songs of Praise: from Singer Hall, Clydebank


7.25 Paul Temple: Inside Information


(Paul Temple is a British-German television series which originally aired on the BBC between 1969 and 1971. It features Francis Matthews as Paul Temple, the fictional detective created by Francis Durbridge, who solves crimes with the assistance of his wife Steve. It aired in 52 episodes each with a running time of around fifty minutes. Producer Derrick Sherwin was reassigned on short notice from the BBC's Doctor Who television series.)


8.15 With a Song in my Heart (1952 Musical Film) starring Susan Hayward


(With a Song in My Heart is a 1952 biographical film which tells the story of actress and singer Jane Froman, who was crippled by an airplane crash on February 22, 1943, when the Boeing 314 Pan American Clipper flying boat she was on suffered a crash landing in the Tagus River near Lisbon, Portugal. She entertained the troops in World War II despite having to walk with crutches. The film stars Susan Hayward, Rory Calhoun, David Wayne, Thelma Ritter, Robert Wagner, Helen Westcott and Una Merkel. Froman herself supplied Hayward's singing voice.)


10.05 BBC News


10.15 Omnibus: Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond myth


(1970 Omnibus (TV series documentary) Himself. – Ian Fleming Creator of the James Bond Myth (1970)


11.15 Monthy Python's Flying Circus


(Monty Python’s Flying Circus (known during the final series as just Monty Python) is a British sketch comedy series created by the comedy group Monty Python and broadcast by the BBC from 1969 to 1974. The shows were composed of surreality, risqué or innuendo-laden humour, sight gags and observational sketches without punchlines. It also featured Terry Gilliam's animations, often sequenced or merged with live action. The first episode was recorded on 7 September and broadcast on 5 October 1969 on BBC One, with 45 episodes airing over four series from 1969 to 1974, plus two episodes for German TV.)


11.45 Weatherman




5.15-6.15 Time Machines: Lecture 1 In the Beginning ... Moving Through Time and Space


7.00 BBC News Review


7.25 The World About Us: The Incredible Hummingbirds


(The Hummingbird is capable of rapid ascent and descent, flying manoeuvres and speeds)


8.15 Music Now: an examination


9.15 Yesterday's Witness: The Battle of Cable Street


10.00 Morning Story (play)


10.20 Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In


(Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In is an American sketch comedy television program that ran for 140 episodes from January 22, 1968, to March 12, 1973, on the NBC television network. It was hosted by comedians Dan Rowan and Dick Martin and featured, at various times, Chelsea Brown, Johnny Brown, Ruth Buzzi, Judy Carne, Richard Dawson, Henry Gibson, Arte Johnson, Goldie Hawn, Larry Hovis, Jeremy Lloyd, Dave Madden, Pigmeat Markham, Gary Owens, Pamela Rodgers, Barbara Sharma, Alan Sues, Lily Tomlin and Jo Anne Worley.)


11.10 BBC News Summary


11.15 Late Night Line-Up: Film Night


ITV London (LWT London Weekend Television)


11.00 Service from St. Matthew's, Bradford


12.15 Katie Stewart Cooks


(Katie Stewart, who has died aged 78, was one of the country's first culinary TV stars but, typically, was too modest to realise her role in the vanguard of celebrity chefdom.)


12.40 Taste and Style: Genuine or Fake?


1.05-1.30 You and Your Child


1.50 Doctor on Call


2.15 Face the Press: Brian Clough


(Early in the 1968/69 season World Of Sport was including a five or ten minute "Soccer Round Up" at around 2:20pm, by 21st September 1968 this had mutated into "On The Ball" which appears to have initially consisted of brief conversations with the four ITV commentators working for the major regions (Brian Moore, Hugh Johns, Danny Blanchflower and Barry Davies). On 4th January 1969 the slot was expanded to 25/30 minutes and moved to the start of the programme with Jimmy Hill also becoming involved. Now the host, Brian Moore had to present On the Ball from whichever ground he had been assigned to commentate for The Big Match and the location had to be obscured from view to prevent potential punters from staying at home and watching the match on TV the following afternoon instead. Probably for this same reason the link-ups with the other commentators were apparently dropped for the start of the 1969/70 season which in turn allowed for more air-time to be given over to Jimmy Hill - who remained an integral part of On the Ball until he left ITV after the end of season 1972/73. Hill was not replaced, although there were numerous guests, but in August 1978 On The Ball was dropped in favour of "Headline" co-presented by Dickie Davies which gave ITV scope for addressing potentially more pressing sporting issues at the top of the programme. Brian Moore was furious and almost left ITV over the decision (the BBC were eager to take him). It was eventually agreed that former Liverpool and Scotland player Ian St John would sit alongside Dickie Davies for "Headline" whilst Moore would now be able to concentrate on his Big Match duties having secured himself an improved contract, yet on 27th October 1979 (following a three month strike that took ITV off the air) On The Ball was restored, albeit now presented by Ian St. John.)


2.45 Sports Arena


3.15 The Big Match


4.15 The Owl Service


4.45 The Golden Shot


5.30 Julia: (US Sitcom) starring Diahann Carroll in It Takes Two to Tangle


6.00 ITN News


6.15 Friends and Neighbours


6.35 Seven Days


7.25 Frost on Sundays


8.25 Ice Palace (1960 film) starring Richard Burton, Robert Ryan


10.10 ITN News


10.20 Ice Palace (film continued)


11.05 Tonight with David Nixon


11.50 Outlook '70


ITV Midlands (ATV Associated Television)


12.15 Doctor on Call


12.40 Taste and Style: Genuine or Fake?


1.05-1.30 100 Years at School


1.45 Cannonball


(Fun, free-wheeling, undemanding early adventure series, Cannonball was a series of half-hour family dramas chronicling the adventures of two truckers who hauled freight on the highways of Canada and the U.S.A. U.S. actors Paul Birch (Mike Malone) and William Campbell (Jerry Austin) in what was essentially a format to the later and classic, Route 66. Filmed around Toronto, Canada, the series was a joint Canadian/UK production, yet another example of Lew Grade's incredibly prolific ITC company co-production output. It aired in Canada on Mondays at 9.30pm on the CBC network. Apart from its two American leads, the series relied heavily on Canadian talent in supporting roles. Beth Lockerbie was Mary Malone, Mike's wife, and Beth Morris and Steve Barringer were Ginny and Butch Malone. Howard Milsom portrayed dispatcher Harry Butler. Other Canadian character actors who appeared in the show included Ruth Springford, Alfie Scopp, Sylvia Lennick, Eric House, and Cy Mack. Interestingly, the concept was revived fifteen years later in 1974, for the short-lived series starring Claude Akins and Frank Converse; Movin' On. )


2.15 Star Soccer


3.15 Look Before You Love (1948 film) starring Margaret Lockwood


(Look Before You Love is a 1948 British drama film directed by Harold Huth and starring Margaret Lockwood, Griffith Jones and Maurice Denham. A woman working in the British Embassy in Brazil falls in love and marries a man, but soon discovers him to be a drunken wastrel tied up with serious crime.)


4.45 As London


5.30 The Forest Rangers


6.00 As London


7.25 Just for You (1952 film) starring Bing Crosby


(Just for You is a 1952 film starring Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman and the final motion picture to be directed by Elliott Nugent. It was nominated for two Academy Awards in 1953.)


9.10 Strange Report: with Anthony Quayle in Heart-No Choice for the Donor


(Strange Report is a British television drama starring Anthony Quayle as Adam Strange. It was produced by ITC Entertainment and first broadcast in 1969.)


10.10 ITN News


10.20 Frost on Sunday


(Sir David Paradine Frost, Kt., OBE (born 7 April 1939) is an English journalist, comedian, writer, media personality and daytime TV game show host. He spent two decades as host of Through the Keyhole, as well as conducting serious interviews with various political figures, among them The Nixon Interviews. Since 2012 he has been hosting the weekly programme The Frost Interview. From 2006-2012 he hosted the weekly programme Frost Over the World on Al Jazeera English.)


11.20 Tonight with David Nixon


(At the height of his career in the 1960s and early 1970s, David Nixon was the best-known magician in the UK. His shows included Tonight with David Nixon (1969), David Nixon's Magic Box (1970), and this one, The David Nixon Show, which started in 1972 and ran until his death in 1978 at the age of 59. Royston Mayoh, the long-running Thames producer/director, oversaw this 1975 series. Guests in this edition were Rod Hull and Emu, Fred Kaps, Penny Meredith and June Bronhill. The magical advisor was Ali Bongo, who later worked with Paul Daniels.)

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