Prince Harry releases a selection of personal photographs from Africa
Prince Harry has released a selection of his own personal photographs and videos that were taken during his summer visit to southern Africa, where he worked on front-line conservation projects.

He has shared his experiences of that work by writing captions for each photograph and video, taken in Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

The photographs and videos highlight the urgent challenges faced by people on the ground
working to protect Africa's most endangered animals.

During his summer visit, Prince Harry worked alongside rangers who are the first to respond
to poaching attacks on elephants and rhino. He also spent time working alongside some of the world's leading veterinarians who act to save animals who have survived barbaric attacks, including the removal of their tusks and horns.

Prince Harry has chosen to release the photographs and video to coincide with his official visit to South Africa Wildlife College near Kruger National Park today. This is a return visit to Kruger for Prince Harry after he spent time over the summer working alongside rangers there. He was impressed by their skills and experience and wanted to take this opportunity to highlight their specialised training and the sacrifices they make to protect some of Africa's most iconic species.
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