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What a nozzle!

If you've filled up at Costco, you know how everyone goes in one direction, the pumps are two to a line, and you pull forward. [I think Ohio Turnpike service plazas have a similar setup, where you stay parallel with the flow of traffic on the road.]


Well, the guy at the front pump pulled out. The woman with the minivan at the second pump was finishing up, but this guy here was in a biiig friggin' hurry. He pulled around the minivan so he could get to pumping, but left his giant car in the passing lane, and got out just as Minivan Lady was getting in.


Minivan Lady asked him to move his car so she could get past him. He pulled forward and actually seemed to move a little further out. He and the guy on the other side of the passing lane [using the facing pump] laughed as she threaded the needle between their two cars. Bless her, she pulled it off.


This is where it gets funny. I pulled forward, into the minivan lady's spot, and got to pumping. I am a hardcore Costco soldier and I don't fool around. I had my card slid and was pumping before this fool could even get the nozzle off the pump. All the King's Horses and One Costco Team Member couldn't get Humpty Dumpty into the pumpty. I finished pumping and was getting ready to tell him "don't get too comfortable there, punchy" when he finally gave up and pulled away, fuel-less.

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Uploaded on November 5, 2007