I am lion, hear me ROAR!

The Lionheart Project's Crocheted Lions are touring the UK as part of the Cultural Olympiad and were stopping off in Northampton, so I took a little trip over there to see them nestled beside the red & white striped stalls of the Market Place on the sunniest of days I've seen in a long while.


They looked absolutely brilliant and were pretty massive too! They are housed in a protective glass case, which is ideal for viewing (if not a little reflective, from a photography p.o.v) as they seem to blend into their environment with the three lions mimicing their real counterparts in different poses. This one looked ready to strike with its teeth bared, another seemed to be mid pounce, while the third had an air of concentration as if on a hunt, or perhaps it was just ready & waiting to escape!


If you look closely you can see the patterns, whirls and shapes within the weave of the crochet and its quite amazing to think something so huge was made by hand. According to their website the lions were made to 'reflect the region (East Midlands) in both symbol and materials. Richard the Lionheart’s three lions crest is created using locally sourced Peak District wool, celebrating our rich textile heritage'.


The lions are still on tour and you can see them at the Natural History Museum, London until September and then they travel to Twycross Zoo where they stay until the 21st December 2012.

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Taken on July 17, 2012