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1/52 Intelligence is Hard to See | by BriSaEr
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1/52 Intelligence is Hard to See

So wow. First it is weird to be starting at 1 again. If I hadn't gotten Bello I wouldn't even be doing this. But I love him. Bello is quite a goofy dog. I refer to him as stupid all the time (affectionately), but he's probably one of the smartest dogs I know. He doesn't know tricks, he doesn't care to come, sitting is only fun when treats are involved, and staying is only for a few seconds.


So, I took this picture today, but was jealous that everyone seemed to have special prepared pictures so I took him and Brittany pet sitting with me, and once I was done we went into some woods to take pictures of him. Get him doing something cute. Well probably a hundred yards into the woods he got loose. Pulled the leash out of my hand. Luckily I had treats with me, his clickere, his squeaky toy. So I tried to get him to come. But he wasn't. And he was slowly getting further away. So I started walking towards him (not running because he'd just think it was a game). He took off down this hill.


I took off after him, and he kept running. So I stopped and put my camera on the ground and Brittany's leash (because I couldn't run quick with them hitting me in the chest) and took off. I came in to this "clearing" and couldn't see him anywhere. I called him. Clicked his clicker. And would have squeaked his toy, but somewhere along the line had dropped it.


Who knows how long I was calling his name, I'm guessing around thirty minutes, but finally I called my mom and told her what happened. Was freaking out panicking. I had no idea how he had gotten so far away in so little time, and it wasn't like I could follow his path because I had no idea what direction he went.


I kept calling his name and making noise. I tried to get Brittany to bark, but of course this was the one freaking time in her life she wouldn't bark. >_> Finally I started walking back to the my car. Which I was having a helluva time finding because I wasn't on a trail, and couldn't just walk back in the direction I knew it was because I had to find my camera.


And I'm thinking not only did I loose my camera, I lost my dog. Why the hell would he even run off any way? Didn't he have enough fun when he was a stray?


I finally found my camera after probably another ten minutes and after that it was easy to find my car. And what a relief it was to see my car. I could put up everything and continue to search.


AND WHO DO I SEE? Whose fuzzy ass is standing next to the car? Bello. Bello.


Bello. Bello. Bello. Can I say that any more to explain the relief that flooded my system? To explain the tears that came to my eyes?


Brittany ran to him, and Bello did not want to leave the car. He waited until she was maybe 20 feet away before going to her. And then he was instantly back at the car. I let him in, and he slept the whole way home.


So here are my reasons why he did what he did:

1. His previous owners (if he had any), abandoned him in the woods, and he didn't trust me enough to come back. So instead he went back to the car so there was no way I could leave him.


2. He was once a human and knew that like a little kid if you get lost you go to the last place you saw them.


Idk. Numero Uno is probably most likely. Whatever his reasoning behind what he did. I'm happy as hell. And now he's sleeping out in the living room. :) Sorry this was so long. I normally talk alot, but not this much.

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Taken on January 3, 2011