Exhibition in Reykjavik
Origami at Gerduberg
Exhibition and workshops Reykjavik January 2013

When I met Jón Víðis and Björn Finnsson at BOS Spring Convention in Birmingham in April 2012, I didn’t realise the doors that they were to open for us. Joni and Bjossi talked then about their plans to develop origami in Iceland, and I offered to support them however I could, and in September the extent of their plans became clearer. Thanks to our new Icelandic friends, Assia and I were invited to have an personal exhibition at Gerduberg, a busy arts centre in Reykjavik, and to give several workshops for teachers, artists and designers in late January 2013.

Gerduberg receives many visitors to the library within the building: there’s a busy restaurant, and people of all ages come to lots of cultural events at the centre. At the time of the opening of the exhibition the Mayor or Reykjavik was based at Gerduberg for a few weeks, and so we were lucky to have a captive and appreciative audience of the visitors who passed through the exhibition in the entrance halls of the building.

I hope these pictures give an idea of the success of these events, which could not have been possible without the hard work and experience of the design and exhibition staff at Gerduberg, especially Margrét Valdimarsdóttir, and Kristin Thora Gudbjartsdottir ...and of course Joni and Bjossi, whose great idea it was in the first place!

Great video from local newspaper www.mbl.is/frettir/sjonvarp/79446/

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