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"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring." | by brightdawns
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"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring."

~George Santayana


Guess who lives in a country that still has 56cm/22inches of snow even in its southernmost parts? Guess who kind of, um, yearns for spring?


I love the returning light, love the birds that sing in the morning, love the sound of dripping water. I love all these signs of another time approaching, but gosh I can't wait for it to be here already!

I have barely been taking pictures these last couple of months, no, instead I have been busy procratinating over my gear, selling, buying, having anxiety attacks and hot swells all over. Full frame for sure came in with a bang. Hah. Turned everything upsidedown, made me confused and robbed me of my identity.

I sold the 24 1.4G and the 85 1.8D, bought the 35 1.4G, 85 1.4G and the micro 60 2.8G. Have worked my ass off, getting as much overtime done as possible, to be able to pay the bills. Slowly, I think I have found myself again. Connected to the gear. Feel it's time to exhale and start taking pictures. Maybe. As soon as the world outside shows some more signs of life.


And, I know, I'm a complete ass for not being here... The mastress of absence. Ugh. It's been a tough winter, photography-wise. A very tough winter. But I hope to slowly become rejuvenated, integrated and once again burn with that photographic flame.

Sorry for being such a dick, a pig and a pompous rhino...

I hope you're all well? And I sure hope you're having more of spring than we up here. I at least hope you're having temperatures above 0'C.


Bitter much...?

Nah, just very impatient, :).


With that, I'll throw some serious spring at you, last years version, a New York cherry blossom-version. Oh, what a glorious day it was.... all those petals, all those glittery shadows... like being in a fairytale. A marshmallow coloured fairytale.


And with that nr 2, I also bid you goodnight. Tomorrow will be a grand day all in all, right. In fact, it's going to be splendid, just because I say so. Because tomorrow I will visit you all, see what you've been up to lately. Will I be surprised, perplexed, start giggling or just become happy? Let's hope it's all of the above, :).

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Taken on April 20, 2010