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november has clearly been on acid | by brightdawns
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november has clearly been on acid We have a saying in Finnish: "vettä tuli kuin Esterin perseestä", a literally translation: "water came as from the ass of Esther".

That describes this past month quite well. Pardon? Who Esther is? I really don't have a clue.

The God of modern civilisation, Google, finds a couple of theories. One being that the first fire pump in Finland was of a brand named Esther, another theory says, that the frst paddle-steamer was named Esther. And you kow how those function.


Another lovely saying we have is: "istuu kuin paska Junttilan tuvan seinässä". Literally translation: sits like the shit on the walls of Junttila's cabin". Meaning something is really stuck of course.

The story here goes that big poppa Junttila had some seriously lazy boys, and one winter afternoon he commanded them to go break and spread icy cow shit on the fields. Well, the boys thought they were smart and decided to blow all the shit up, and that way get it evenly spread out.

They used too much explosives and the shit flew all the way to the walls of the house. Big poppa became furious and ordered the boys to scrape the shit off the walls, which wasn't an easy task in the below zero weather. The neighbours gathered to watch and laugh. And so was a new saying created.


Oh, one more "hajosi tuhannen pillun päreiksi". > "Broke up into thousand pussy shingles". Something is really broken when you use this, and where it comes from? Women used shingles to sit on in the sauna in the 19th century. And instead of using modern, clinical terms like cubicmetre etc, the lumberjacks made wood into shingles for thousands of pussies to sit on.


People here like colourful descriptions and direct, blunt, ways of communication.


And one more thing.

I don't like Mondays...


At least not after watching that insane video.

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Taken on November 12, 2009