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explosion [pronounced the French way]

Today I felt like having some colour brought out and so I found this, taken on one of my strolls earlier this autumn.


With it I give you this perfect piece of Saturday night fever á la 1950's. The Baseballs cover of Rihanna's Umbrella. Not heard of them? Well, they have Finland on her knees, topping the charts for weeks and selling out their tour in 4 minutes (!). That's faster than U2 and Madonna managed to do. From Deutschland, via Finland, with love. (can't access the official music video on youtube, sadly, damn copyright laws!)


We Finns are a quirky kind of people when it comes to music. Did you hear the story about the Kurdish wedding singer who suddenly became famous in Finland because of a hilarios youtube-video? *sigh*

I'll tell ya. A Finnish student found a video and "translated" the words into Finnish. Or not really, more like dug deep and came up with words in Finnish, that sounded like what he was singing.

Tadaa! He sings Finnish, in a quite... bold way. So, this video has almost 2 million views (considering we are a nation of only 5 million, that's a lot) and then someone finds this guy in Syria, gets him on a plane to Finland, where he is paraded for a couple of weeks in front of the media, doing gigs etc. And the Finns love it. He even records a cd while here. This man, who have never been outside Syria in his life, is suddenly a celebrity in, of all places, Finland.

We call him Pensselisetä > brush uncle, because that's what one of the parts in the refrain sounds as. The papers report "today Pensselisetä went to sauna", "Pensselisetä and his band enjoys a night out in Helsinki" etc etc....


Yeah.... we're a crazy bunch indeed. Which you'll definitely understand if you click the link below... it's not that funny, even if you understand Finnish.


Anyway, have a great weekend all dear flickrites! Shake those limbs, strut that booty! :)

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Taken on October 28, 2009