Cirque du Poisson

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    These dreamfish are symbols of hope for a future of healthy streams and rivers. Stream of Dreams Mural Society. This "school" of fish were "captured" at Victoria West Elementary School.

    Alphabetical Order: F is for Fish

    1. tek_chick 88 months ago | reply

      George Jay School on the Queens St side?

    2. *Brightburn* 88 months ago | reply

      I am afraid not. Guess again :-)

    3. *Brightburn* 88 months ago | reply

      No, it isn't that either. You blew me away with your quick guess on my "Beached" photo, I had to make my next submission a bit more difficult ... : -)

    4. valentinemariner 88 months ago | reply

      alright then, Quarda School

    5. *Brightburn* 88 months ago | reply

      Not that one either. After seeing a few names suggested I researched and discovered that my "discovery" of the colourful fish was not all that unique. It seems that a number of Victoria schools are on board with this project as well as other cities in Canada and the US.

    6. *Brightburn* 88 months ago | reply

      To narrow the search, I will add that this project site was completed in October of 2004.

    7. valentinemariner 88 months ago | reply

      well I've seen them at James Bay and South Park as well.. not that Im hanging around schoolyards..

    8. cqstrd 88 months ago | reply

      they're ubiquitous!....and there are a lot of elementary schools in SD, based on your title, and to try to narrow it down a bit further, i'm going to ask - is it a french immersion school?

    9. *Brightburn* 88 months ago | reply

      funny you should say that ... the kids were at recess when I took the shot. I took another mural shot from the side of the school, above their little heads. A teacher approached and I thought I might be questioned. Not so, just a pleasant "Hello". Perhaps if I had been a male it may have been a different story....

    10. *Brightburn* 88 months ago | reply

      no cqstrd, it is not a french immersion school although that would have been a great hint. You did make me google though to ensure I answered correctly. I just wanted to spice up the name a bit. If you want to ask more questions I am happy to answer. The list of schools participating is on the website. You just have to know what the name of the project is....

    11. tek_chick 88 months ago | reply

      ooh ooh i know the name of the project .. my daughter participated in the one at George Jay .. I won't give it away though :-)

    12. *Brightburn* 88 months ago | reply

      just look it up on the web and you will have the answer ... I did give the ultimate hint above to narrow your search :-)

    13. triviaqueen 88 months ago | reply

      AhA! Stream of Dreams -- That would be Vic West Elementary if the hint is the date. My daughter also participated when at Macaulay which, oddly, is not on the list.

    14. *Brightburn* 88 months ago | reply

      Bingo! You picked the correct school involved in the project among the many schools involved. My apologies to all participants. I had no idea that "les poisson" were so prolific in Greater Victoria.

    15. mag3737 87 months ago | reply

      i think these may be common in greater vancouver, too. i've seen at least 2 sites that i can think of, and i very rarely get around to neighborhood/school sorts of areas.

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