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Comfort With My Wicca Ways

So today I went by my favorite little store to buy 2 black candles and 2 white candles , so I could make my home spiritually balanced .. Upon doing so and while walking around I over heard a conversation , that I found to be quite sad in a way.. One of the other customers was speaking to the clerk (whom she seemed to know well) about how she wished she could be more open about her wicca religious beliefs.. She was also saying how she felt if she could be more open ,that she could be more at peace but how she was so afraid of what others would think.

While checking out , I at some point was brought into the conversation , not by my own doing but simply by the other customer making a positive comment by what I had purchased.. She then proceeded to tell me of how I reminded her of her own daughter with the fact that I had a comforting aura as well as how I seemed to be proud as well as open about my own spiritual beliefs..

Anyway , that led me to think about my "12 steps to finding myself" project . I have decided that for my 4th step I am doing it on "Comfort With My Wicca Ways"..


(Step 4 for my 12 steps to finding myself.)


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Taken on April 4, 2012