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Scania R730 ''The Dragon''

For a long time I have had a wish of building a custom truck like you see often on truck shows and festivals across Europe, and to be more precise Scandinavia. In Sweden and Finland trucks are allowed to have a total length of 25.25 meters, and there are some companies who drive really beautifully airbrushed and customized trucks, like Ristimaa, Auvinen and Valkonen. The problem to build a thing like this in Lego is the massive airbrush work on the sides of those trucks. I never really had an idea how to deal with those.


Meanwhile I taught myself more and more Photoshop skills, and when i came across the Lego color compositions on the web, the idea grew to convert some fancy pictures into graphics compatible with Lego colors. Custom trucks often have fantasy, or warrior like themes, so I choose fantasy and dragons as a starting point. While surfing the web for some high resolution inspirational pictures I came across some of this ‘Magic; The Gathering’ card play, which I had never heard of before, but I liked what I saw on some high rez wallpapers I found. Now I needed to test if I could do what I had in mind. I starting editing the pictures and created an overflow to Lego red and black. I must say I learned more and more about editing in Photoshop on the way and the pictures came out nicely. But a nice looking RGB picture is not the same as a CMYK 4 color printed version so I needed to test first. Luckily I have a buddy who owns an advertising company and he was really kind and printed for me. They looked exactly how I hoped they would do.


Now I needed to finish the Scania in 1:16 scale I already started working on. PF driven, and fully detailed with lots of chrome as usual. It all fitted the picture and come out nicely. I know a next build can see improvement but I am very happy with this first total custom. It is not as much what you can do with Lego, although everything is 100% genuine, but more a blast of creativity to make something new for me and combine my hobbies of photography and model building.


Many people contributed to make this truck happen. I want to specially thank my wife Esther for applying the sticker foils with extreme patience and precision.

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Taken on June 15, 2012